New Bern Puppets at 2022 Beaufort Pirate Invasion

New Bern Puppets performed at the 2022 Beaufort Pirate Invasion September 24-25. It was a wonderful pirate-oriented festival and was well attended. We gave 13 shows and it was a delight entertaining the children and their parents.

The Pirate Invasion was held at Gallents Channel near the Beaufort Airport by the water.

Beautfort Pirate Invasion banner

New Puppets was situated near the children’s play area – a great location. Dennis dressed in a pirate-theme costume for the show.

Dennis was listed on the “Most Wanted Poster” under the alias “Hugo Zogwig Bomblast.” Children had to find and get autographed all the pictures to get a prize.

Children waiting for the show to begin. New Bern Puppets put moving blankets down in front of the stages to give people a more comfortable seating. After each show Dennis brought out a marionette to show the youngsters. One little boy was more interested in poking his head inside the curtain and study the scenery.

The harbor scene and pirate cave scene.

The villain, “Lone-Eyed Lonnie,” meeting Phillip, the hero. In reality, these are Pelham puppets from the 1960s. Pelham puppets only listed the pirate with no name but the young gentleman was marketed as Prince Charming.

The villain, "Lone-Eyed Lonnie" meeting Phillip, the hero.

Here Lone-Eyed Lonnie lays deceased, slain by the angry ghost of Blackbeard. The Blackbeard marionette was custom made by the talented David Leech.

3 puppets in Blackbeard's cave

These girls with balloon wings loved playing with the puppe. And the happy little boy attended at least three shows. He was a fine promoter of the shows, actively urging other children to come and watch the the puppet performances. Many children were interested in the tent and see behind the stages.

The wind on Sunday grew as the day progressed, even slowly pushing the stage forward.After our 3:30 show the gusts were too much. The sandbags attached to the tent legs failed and the tent partially crumpled. One stage was knocked down! It was quite a job cleaning up the site.

Thankfully, no marionettes were damaged by the tent debacle and the stage itself was okay. One tent leg had to be hammered to allow it to be folded back.

It was a pleasure performing for the visitors at the Beaufort Pirate Invasion and we hope to return next year with another pirate-themed show.


Dennis Listermann-Vierling

Dennis became interested in puppetry in 1968 at a young age. Later, his first business called “Lilies of the Field Marionettes” was featured May 18, 2009, on “Roy’s Folks” airing on WGHP Fox 8 News.

Dennis Vierling in red outfit