Making Scenery for Upcoming Christmas Show

We have been working on scenery for an upcoming Christmas puppet show. The scenery is of an elegant room, which could stand in for a dining or throne room. It took a couple of days of work but we are pleased with the end result.

For this particular scenery we used styrofoam insulation found at Lowes. The styrofoam was measured and cut for walls. Holes were also cut for windows while wooden trim was laid out and glued into place.

The walls were coming together, and side walls were measured and prepared.

The scenery is coming along. Checked to make sure it fits snuggly into the stage. Decorative pieces were painted with a metallic gold and left to dry.

The styrofoam is laid outside and is ready for painting. Craft paint is used to simulate stone. It is safe to use. Some spray paint cannot be applied as the harsh chemicals melts the styrofoam. The styrofoam required about three coats.

With the paint dry, the metallic decorative trim pieces can be glued into place. I also added tiny gilt mirrors to give the walls a more elegant appearance.

Yay! The scenery is finished and ready for a show!


Dennis Listermann-Vierling

Dennis became interested in puppetry in 1968 at a young age. Later, his first business called “Lilies of the Field Marionettes” was featured May 18, 2009, on “Roy’s Folks” airing on WGHP Fox 8 News.

Dennis Vierling in red outfit